The Cuba Car show:
The biggest rolling show of authentic classic cars on earth.
You’ve heard about it. Cuba is fill of operational classic American cars from the 50’s and before. These cars have been running ever since 1960 when Cold War politics stopped all U.S. trade with Cuba. Since then, Cuba has been buying new cars from Russia, Europe and Japan. But the classic American cars are still running, a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of the Cuban mechanics.

Now you can see these classic cars without traveling to Cuba. Robert McConnell went in on a U.S. government licensed tour of Cuban institutions. While there he videotaped as many classic cars as he could find. The result is the CUBA CAR SHOW VIDEO!

You will see these cars in actual stock conditions, some of them almost perfectly preserved, others showing the signs of age their siblings in American junk yards would show. The difference is these cars are still running. Many of them are being used as taxi cabs for the newly emerging Cuban tourist industry. Some of them are private cars and some are used only for weddings and other special occasions. But all of them are running-around classic cars. You can see them driving around the streets of Havana, parked along the Malecon seawall or parked in various locations around town. Just about every American brand is represented including such rarities as Desoto, Rambler and Hudson. Also, see some of the Russian Ladas and other Russian cars imported after 1961 when Cuba became a Russian client-state.

This video is the only one of its kind in the world and was shot in late 1999 and early 2000. It is totally up-to-date. If your would like to order a copy, call 1-800-532-4017.

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Just released!
“Cuba 2000” is a broader look at Cuba today from an informational/historical perspective. It starts with a brief overview of Cuban history showing how Cuba got to the state it is in today in the year 2000. It then covers some of the main things a visitor might want to see in Cuba including the legacy of Hemingway whose house is a national shrine and tourist attraction. It shows the popular heroes of Cuba including Jose Marti (the George Washington of Cuba) and Che Guevara, the revolutionary hero of Cuba whose image in on display everywhere. You'll see the unique mix of advertising billboards including product advertising and political propaganda. You'll see the beautiful, clean, uncrowned tourist beaches located all around Cuba.

You'll marvel at the variety of transportation including horse drawn vehicles, motorcycles, Camel buses, bicycles, Classic American cars, Russian, European and Japanese cars and foot power. You'll see the inside of a children's hospital where Cuban babies are born in the free medical care facilities of Cuba. You'll see inside a typical Cuban single family dwelling as well as the new and old apartment housing of Cuba. And you'll hear interviews with actual Cubans, old and young, who tell you just exactly what it is to live in Cuba (they don't think they are under Communism anymore; my informant thinks it is more like "tourism" rather that "socialism" as the ruling political philosophy). Since the U.S. government makes it difficult for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba, this video allows them to see what is happening in Cuba today. With so much recent news concerning Elian Gonsalez, this video presents a much different view of Cuba in the year 2000 than what the U.S. Establishment news media is currently reporting.

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The Cold War is over! See Russia Today on Video.

Notes from Russia: A Young Woman’s Video Journal (1999) 28 min.
See Russia today as it exists at the end of the 20th century. This is the world’s most current video about Russia as seen from a young American woman’s point of view of the sights and sounds of contemporary Russia. Shot in cinema verite style, you will see places that most Americans will not be able to visit : inside a Russian home, the overnight train to St. Petersburg, the bus and subway system, Gorky Park, Moscow’s TV tower Ostenkino, Chemical Lyceum and Moscow University. This is not a video of a tour, but a video journal of a ten day visit with Russian nationals.

A major production company would never have been able to make this video! Russian officials would have taken the cameras away. The producer was able to get these shots because of her small digital camera.

View such traditional sites as: St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Red Square, Lenin’s Crypt (outside view), the Bolshoi Theater (outside view), the Russian Circus, and pictures of the real Russian people, both rich and poor.

But there’s more! You will also see the legendary St. Petersburg, home of the Winter Palace of the Czars and the world-famous Hermitage art museum, and a special sequence of high school science students singing an Elvis Presley song in English.

This video was written, videotaped, edited, and directed by Sarah McConnell, a young Special Interest Video Producer who has produced a six volume series on the real France. Sarah’s goal is to show the world from the point of view of realism and cinema verite. Her videos have no sets or created scenes. Everything happened as she shows it.

The Cold War is over. See Russia as it exists today. Public performance rights included. Purchase orders accepted. VISA/MC/AMEX.

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